Skyports and Carbonix partnership program leading Australian BVLOS innovation

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Australia has emerged as a global hub for drone innovation, with beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations taking center stage. Leading this revolution is Matt Sturdy, a remote pilot at the forefront of long-range operations for the Skyport Drone Services and Carbonix partnership program.

Working in collaboration with Carbonix, Matt is able to operate a variety of CASA-approved aircraft to collect geospatial data and precise mapping information. He actively collaborates with energy and mining companies through the partnership program, continuously improving operational efficiency and output through scaling up BVLOS capabilities.

However for many, these capabilities are out of sight, requiring acceptance through a diligent application process to conduct CASA-approved BVLOS flights. “For each mission, I develop a comprehensive concept of operations (CONOPS), complete a risk assessment, and formulate an emergency response plan,” Matt explains.

Having recently been involved in conducting BVLOS operations with Carbonix over powerlines in Mt Gambier, South Australia, Matt explains that UAVs “have played a pivotal role in transforming dangerous tasks into safer endeavours. We can fly lower and closer than helicopters, allowing for better resolution images and data collection, significantly improving safety in industries like surveying.”

With safety becoming an evermore crucial focus across operations, Matt’s work with BVLOS flights highlight the significant transformative impact of drones in hazardous and remote environments.

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