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Carbonix transitions the engineering excellence and beauty of America’s Cup yacht design to advance the horizons of aerial data solutions.

Our Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems

Volanti is the all-electric remote piloted aircraft system (RPAS) from Carbonix. With a 3.6m wingspan, this vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) autonomous fixed-wing UAV is one of the most advanced systems in the world. Carrying imagery sensor payloads of up to 1kg for a flight time of up to 2hrs, Volanti bridges the gap between multirotor and tactical UAVs. 

Domani is the electric/petrol hybrid remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) from Carbonix. With a wingspan of 4.5m and a 5kg payload capacity for high quality sensors, this VTOL autonomous fixed-wing UAV is one of the most capable systems in its class. With a flight time of over 6 hours, Domani offers the capabilities of tactical UAVs at a fraction of the cost. 


Choose from various payload options

Flight Time

Up to 2 hrs (Volanti) or more than 6 hours (Domani)

Fast Deployment

World's most advanced setup

Australian Made

Built & Developed in Australia

Multiple Payloads

Payloads for every industry or job

Working closely with our sensor partners ensures we are always ahead of new sensors and technology on the market to give our customers the best solution. 

Here at Carbonix we offer a wide range of payload sensor options to suit every industry and application. We have a selection of Gimbals and Micro Gimbal cameras for Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance (ISR) applications, high end photogrammetry cameras for mapping and GIS and multispectral sensors for vegetation and landform characterisation. In addition, we also offer a high-end LiDAR solution for topographic mapping where vegetation canopy cover may reduce visibility. 

We are also pleased to offer customisation and integration of specific payloads outside our sensor partners. Have a sensor in mind? Get in touch and find out how we can assist you. 

Long Flight Times

Take your drone to new destinations

Want to fly Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) and Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), we have you covered. Both our airframes are designed and tested for both EVLOS and BVLOS operations. 

Here at Carbonix we understand our customers are always in search for the best value system for a better return on their investment. To maximise your output for minimum input, high endurance fixed-wing UAVs out compete both multi rotors and manned rotary aircraft. 

The all electric Volanti gives customers a flight time of up to 2 hours, providing an ideal balance between aircraft weight (16 kg MTOW) and aerial data capture quality.

The hybrid Domani boasts a forward flight time of more than 6 hours and can carry a multiple payload options to provide you exceptionally high quality aerial data.

Fast & Efficient

Get up and running within minutes


Our UAVs can be assembled out of their cases and ready for flight in less than 15 minutes.


Both Volanti and Domani can be dismantled in minutes and pack in to a bespoke hard carry case that fits in all modern vans and most single cab pickup trucks.  

Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL)

VTOL is the quickest to get your UAV airborne and maintain the integrity of sensors and avionics. Without the need for landing strips, bulky catapults and clumsy belly landings you remain mobile, your UAV can be up in no time, and your payloads last longer. 

Take off area

VTOL also requires a take-off area of less than 10m2 to give you access to some hard to reach areas and ensures both Volanti and Domani are all terrain UAVs. 

Australian Made Product

Carbonix has been proudly Australian owned and operated since its inception in 2011.  Our original workshop was located on the picturesque and iconic Cockatoo island in Sydney’s world-renowned harbor. Here we began making Class A Catamaran hulls for the America’s Cup winning team New-Zealand team in 2014 and Gold Medal winning Australia in the 2016 Brazil Olympics. 

As we moved forward from these early days, our products changed but our high standards, quality products and company culture remained. From the early days of Cometa in 2014, our UAVs have been made from scratch in our Sydney workshop using pre-impregnated carbon fibre from Australian sourced materials and assembled by local engineers. Additionally, Carbonix prides itself on adhering to the strict quality standards imposed on all Australian businesses by the ACCC.

Volanti, it's not just the drone. It's the solution

Next Generation Drone Technology

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Energy & Infrastructure

Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Agriculture & Conservation

Agriculture & Conservation

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