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Carbonix creates and provides uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) that enable precision long-range data capture at scale. Safe and effective, our intelligent aerial data capture systems enable significant reduction in risk of injury and downtime associated with outdated, expensive and polluting aircraft surveillance methods.

Carbonix UAS offer superior endurance, payload capacity and flight performance unmatched by any drone in our class. Our UAS are able to capture high-resolution data over large geographic areas and complex terrain. By exponentially increasing access to data, we improve workflows, radically reduce costs, empower critical insights and lower carbon emissions.

Engineered and rigorously tested to meet the most challenging mission requirements, Carbonix UAS are equipped with advanced (multi) sensors providing efficient, accurate data to critical infrastructure industries such as mining and energy networks.

Founded and headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Carbonix has a network of global partners providing our customers access to experts for operational support to ensure mission success. At Carbonix, we prioritise safety in everything we do. Guided by opportunity, we apply ingenuity and an entrepreneurial spirit to achieve our mission of enabling data capture at scale. With integrity at our core, we strive for synergy and collaboration to achieve continual improvement.

We deliver on our mission by creating intelligent long-range aerial systems enabling safe, reliable and effective access to critical remote data while respecting the environment

– CEO, Philip van der Burg

We approach every engineering challenge with discipline and precision to create elegant solutions that empower our customers to gain
valuable insights

-Founder, Dario Valenza

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