About Us

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  • Carbonix MissionTo provide reliable, high quality, fully integrated RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) solutions to businesses and governments. We use next-generation materials and technologies to fly further and carry more weight in the safest and most user-friendly way. We support our customers with training, maintenance, and customisation.
  • Carbonix VisionCreating beautiful flying machines to see the world from above in detail, persistently and reliably.

Who we are?

At Carbonix we create innovative effective solutions to capture valuable data from the air. We approach every engineering problem with discipline and precision towards a solution for future drone applications. With an Award-Winning Legacy in the America’s Cup and with the Australian Olympic sailing team, Carbonix has a unique understanding and insight into composite aerostructures, sophisticated control systems and critical delivery requirements. We find solutions to complex problems through elegant design.

  • PerformanceEngineering is a dialogue with the laws of physics. Understanding them through objective empirical observation is the only way to improve. Our racing heritage taught us to always be looking for the next competitive edge.
  • Carbonix QualityAttention to detail is vital in high-performance machines. We are obsessed with making every product as good as humanly possible. We apply this philosophy to every part of our business.
  • IntegrityWe are passionate about what we do. We want to share that passion with like-minded people. We believe being open, transparent, and consistent is the best way to advance knowledge and foster long-term productive relationships. We expect to be accountable for our promises and pride ourselves on delivering real value.
  • InnovationWe value taking the best of what is available and combining it in unique ways. Where what exists won’t do, we invent it. Whilst we don’t value being different for its own sake, we aren’t afraid of doing things in new ways if that will achieve our goals and those of our customers. We couple a broad knowledge of diverse technologies with creativity and curiosity, all via disciplined methodologies.
  • ReliabilityOur airframes are built to work every day in the real world. Both standard systems and custom options are rigorously tested to guarantee they will deliver.

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