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Aerial surveying and mapping drone technology with precision sensors
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Industry Types & Benefits

  • Broadacre and Specialty Crop Agriculture
  • Livestock Agriculture
  • Wildlife & Conservation
  • Forestry

Broadacre Agriculture

Broadacre farmers and agronomists are in a constant battle to produce bigger and better crop yields to fulfill global demand due to rapid population increase. Farmers are turning to drone technology to gather real time and precise data that allows them to observe trends and monitor potential issues throughout the year. By understanding potential issues early enough, they are able to act before it’s too late and maximise efficiency. A Carbonix UAV coupled with a precise sensor can give extended flight time for farmers to obtain an array of accurate data. This provides them with clear visuals of the state of many variables with in their land such as soil moisture content, irrigation flow, pests & disease, expected yield size. This data can be used for immediate action or before next years season and used as a year on year comparison to further improve over time.

Broadacre Agriculture specific applications that a Carbonix RPAS can support are:

  • Crop – viability, categorisation, mapping
  • Monitor soil fertility and detect nutrient deficiencies
  • Pest identification, disease & weeds
  • Livestock tracking and monitoring
  • Irrigation flow, leak identification,
  • Evaluate Soil Health
  • Enhancing safety
  • Forest cover classification and monitoring

Livestock Agriculture

Livestock farmers are in a constant battle to monitor and survey large open areas of difficult terrain to monitor live stock and water sources. Conventionally, monitoring these is conducted using manned flights or all-terrain vehicles at significant labour and fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear. Aerial monitoring using a Carbonix UAVs drastically reduces the cost and time spent on monitoring and inspecting livestock, water bores and fence lines. Carbonix UAVs are also fully autonomous to give you more time on more important tasks at hand.

Livestock Agriculture applications that a Carbonix RPAS can support are:

  • Livestock monitoring
  • Water bore monitoring
  • Solar bore inspection
  • Fence line inspection
  • Pest control & monitoring
  • Monitoring trespassers and security

Wildlife & Conservation

Wildlife & Conservation efforts are one of the biggest benefactors of drone technology. With the ever-increasing need to study climate change, the increase in global pollution and the effects of human land use on the environment. The demand for remote sensors is at an all-time high. Due to isolated locations and vast open areas where research is conducted, they require highly capable drones with a manageable price tag using precision sensors. Using drones in place of loud manned aircraft allows researchers to get closer to what they’re studying, obtain more accurate data and further increase their availability and further reduce their cost and down time.


Wildlife & Conservation applications that a Carbonix RPAS can support are:

  • Remote monitoring of predator and prey interactions
  • Animals and changing landscapes
  • The effects of global warming on a changing landscape
  • Pollution management
  • Mapping canopies and forest management
  • Coastline management
  • Glacier changes
  • Study of forest ecology
  • Oceanography
  • Dune monitoring


Forestry and logging companies globally have over 900 million hectares of natural forests used for wood production to monitor. Managing such vast areas of land can be very time consuming and incredibly expensive. Conventional data gathering processes are executed manually or with the naked eye. This greatly reduces the accuracy and usability of the data available to a Forestry company. A Carbonix UAV is an ideal platform for the capture and delivery of precise and accurate data that can be used to plan, predict, monitor and asses plant health.

Forestry applications that a Carbonix RPAS can support are:

  • Mapping Forests and Biodiversity
  • Mapping harvest units, and conducting post-harvest waste assessments
  • Precision Forestry and Sustainable Forest Planning Management
  • Mapping Canopy Gaps
  • Measuring Forest Canopy Height and Attributes
  • Measuring volumes quickly while providing accurate tree counts
  • Tree survival counts
  • Regeneration species analysis
  • Weed mapping
  • Tree height derivation
  • Plantation health
  • Post fire analysis
  • View 3D images of forests 

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