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Australian Made & Owned

Carbonix has been proudly Australian owned and operated since its inception in 2011.  Our original workshop could not have been more Aussie, located on the picturesque and iconic Cockatoo island in Sydney’s world-renowned harbor. As we moved forward from these early days, Carbonix undoubtedly changed but our products and company culture remained as Aussie as can be. Carbonix UAVs are made from scratch in our Sydney workshop from Australian sourced materials and assembled by locals. Additionally, Carbonix prides itself on adhering to the strict quality standards imposed on all Australian businesses.

Local support from your local team.

  • Carbonix’s operations are based in Sydney, Australia. As such, all customers have access to our domestic support services. If any queries or issues arise, all Carbonix customers can speak to an Australian based expert in Australia, to discuss an Australian solution. We are just a bunch of Women and Men At Work… Outside Australia? Fear not. We have you covered. Our Maintenance partners – Robotic Skies are on hand to provide aircraft support in 35 countries around the Globe
  • The ACCC has got you coveredAll Australian companies and their products are regulated by the ACCC. The ACCC is an independent Commonwealth Statutory authority with extensive legislative powers that aims to protect the interests and safety of Australian consumers. When you buy an Aussie product in Australia, the ACCC provides an independent, legally enforceable guarantee you are treated fairly.
  • Thinking of buying a drone made somewhere else?When you buy Australian Made, you buy with confidence knowing that your potentially sensitive data is secure from third parties or Governments. Drones made in some other countries around the world do not come with this extra level of security and privacy. Don’t believe us? Read the CNBC article on the right! This applies to drones too. In Australia, strict laws and an independent legal system make it illegal for the government to force an Australian company to do anything, especially hand over information. With this in mind, you can be sure that the data you capture with your Carbonix Drone is safe, secure and remains so.

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