Carbonix Volanti drone debuts in Michigan, US

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Carbonix has completed the first test flight for the company in Michigan.

The fixed-wing ‘Volanti’ device is being deployed under a landmark agricultural program to use sensors in the air to predict crop yields on the ground.

The drone, piloted by consultants ArgenTech, is working towards being flown ‘beyond visual line of sight’ (BVLoS) of the controllers, a move Carbonix says will save money.

Volanti is an electric, fixed-wing drone that can fly at speed horizontally but take off vertically, conducting aerial surveys across difficult terrain. It has a two-hour flight time and a 1kg payload limit.

Carbonix CEO Philip van der Burg said the mission marked a milestone for the company.

“Michigan is one of the largest states in the US with large areas to be covered, allowing BVLoS capabilities to be utilised to their full potential,” he said.

“Being able to participate in these real-world missions signifies the opportunities that lie ahead as drone capabilities advance and continue to revolutionise industries, redefine aerial operations, and empower businesses worldwide.

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