With the A Cat Europeans and Australian Nationals coming up, it is a very exciting time in the class. Paradox will not be at these events as we are well into finalising the production design that, as you will see very soon, is a totally new boat with most key concepts re-visited.

Looking back at the brief, we had to make some honest assessments about the goals that had been achieved and the price we were paying in terms of performance and complexity of use.
With the same goals in mind, we revised our approach focusing on minimum drag and low-demand ‘set and forget’ systems.

Over the past few months we tested different concepts, using different ideas compared to the initial forward mounted S foils and max-span L rudders.
Our assessment is that the S foil solution involves too many compromises in this application.
Better all-round geometries exist that allow stable, easily managed foil assisted and full foilborne sailing where the skipper can push hard with confidence.

The hull shape has changed slightly to suit, the beams are tweaked and many engineering details are revised.

Indulging my obsession for elegant, beautiful detailing and top quality finish, even more fittings are custom and the overall package is even more refined.

At the same time the production process is being streamlined further to make the cost even more competitive.

CarbonicBoats will have a presence at the A Cat nationals as a race day sponsor, supporting the class. It was a tough decision to sit out this regatta but ultimately it was a matter of resource management and rationalising priorities.

Given the lessons learned during the summer, it made sense to spend the winter getting the production boat sorted to offer the best possible product to our customers.

The coming summer will be upon us soon enough and it will bring a full calendar of racing that we thoroughly look forward to.

We want to be there with well prepared weapons and hope our fellow sailors will believe in us enough to put in more orders soon.

Our red ‘periodic table’ logo is there as we prepare
to get back into the fray very soon…

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