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Little time for posting in the last few days. We have been working up the new A Cat prototype, venturing out gradually in stronger winds and pushing harder.
This clip is more of the same: skippers eye view.
Some images and footage from off the boat will be posted shortly.The programme so far has been about loading everything up in a controlled fashion. Making sure all the fittings, fastenings, joints and structural members behave as intended. The second phase is about refining the ergonomics of the various systems. Rig controls are conventional for the class but since every platform is different, the exact leads and arrangements can always be improved.
Then we will race, still in displacement mode, to evaluate hull performance, structure and ergonomics.
Finally we will begin ramping up the foils, tuning them and measuring performance. When this foil concept has been explored and understood we will test it against different ones before committing to the production setup.

From next week we will be into calibrations: Foil angle settings, rudder setup mast rake and the like.

It is a busy and exceptionally rewarding time.
Sharing it with fellow enthusiasts makes it all the more special.

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