Lots to report with progress on many fronts.One of our Paradox V2 A Cat prototypes (the orange boat AKA ‘Glennis‘) has raced in several evens in Victoria, skippered by young Tom Stuchbery.

Feedback is extremely encouraging.
Overall we are now certain that the concept works well.
The boat is consistently fast, especially upwind where it can reliably switch between ‘high’ and ‘low’ mode to comfortably control every adversary so far encountered.

Downwind we have a less pronounced edge, but we are still learning about setup and technique to extend this advantage.
The results are gradually improving, just beginning to reflect our findings.
We have definitely come a long way in a year.

Your support has been instrumental as we had to overcome some serious setbacks in our supplier network thanks to very poor performance by certain contractors.

The last of the V2 prototypes (pictured below) has also come online and will become a regular feature at regattas around Australia before heading to the Worlds.

Our expectations about the Worlds are ‘realistic’ given both the short lead-up with the V2 concept and the fascinating pace of development in the class.
As usual, he who knows that the road ahead is long and challenging will be better equipped to successfully make the journey.

Several inquiries we have received include the question “am I better off waiting to see what happens with foil developments/rules before buying an A Cat or should I take the plunge now?”.
Our answer is that Paradox has a versatile foil bearing system that lets you easily change foil configurations, accommodating a wide range of possible shapes with a view to preserving the value of the platform.

Paradox is a stiff boat with good volume, careful detailing and state-of-the-art construction.
The nature of a development class is that new things will, from time to time, come along and spread to be ubiquitous. In the A Class this process seems to be managed well. So get into it now and know that our boats are as ‘future proof’ as possible.

Finally, Carbonicboats is moving to a new facility, located in a rather special place.
Here we will be able to make everything in-house, using brand new equipment including a larger oven for curing prepregs.
This move comes in part as aresponse to being let down by contractors. But it is a great step in the growth of our capacity, enabling us to provide value to more people.
Our RC boats, airframe parts, and A Cats will all be made there, reducing our reliance on outside contractors.
More on our new home in early 2014.

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