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Carbonix Partners with Honeywell to add Satellite Connectivity

Honeywell identifies Domani as the leading craft to integrate its new small form-factor airborne satellite communication hub. Radio communication range is a limiting...

Fujitsu commissions Volanti in a Bid to Save Endangered Species

Carbonix Volanti featured in a Channel 7 Exclusive as Fujitsu flies the Volanti in a bid to save endangered species with the NSW...

Carbonix and Hitachi – Strategic Alliance

Carbonix is working with Hitachi Consulting, providing aerial data capture services to integrate with a fully-autonomous precision farming solution using Hitachi Process Intelligence....

Carbonix Supports Mining Rehabilitation

New technologies such as drones were in the spotlight at an important mining rehabilitation conference in Newcastle in April 2018. Watch the Channel...

Carbonix on Channel 9

Watch our prime time clip on Channel 9 News, identifying Carbonix as pioneering commercial VTOL drones for industry and defence.

PM Malcom Turnbull Talks on Carbonix

Prime Minister of Australia Malcom Turnbull addressing guests at the opening of the new home of Carbonix.

The Carbonix Way

This short interview aims to give customers a bit more insight into our advanced carbon composite products, our manufacturing processes and our design...
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