The nature of our UAV work (under the Carbonix brand) is such that we don’t regularly get to share it with the public.
Confidentiality is often an important consideration in the aerospace game so it is exciting that on this occasion we can reveal images of a recent project.

These are the first airframes of the Cometa UAV, designed by d3 Applied Technologies for surveillance and 3D mapping missions.
We worked closely with Gonzalo Redondo and the d3 team to develop tooling, details and fittings best suited for their design.

The beautifully integrated and streamlined airframe is demountable in the field so it can be transported in a compact package. The aerodynamic treatment, informed by in-house d3 CFD capabilities, is exquisite.

It can operate with landing gear or from a catapult with parachute landing.

A VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) version using four ‘quadcopter’ style electric motors mounted on booms is currently in testing.

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