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Not much time behind the desk recently, and for the coming weeks.
After the planning and design phase and a smooth build period, we are now exploring the performance profile of the new A Cat.Here is our first in-depth discussion of the project outside this blog:

There is a bewildering array of variables to grapple with.
And this is just one of the configurations we plan to test.

Our approach is to quantify as many as is practical and gradually develop a tuning manual to allow customers to dial in fast settings out of the box as a starting point for individualised tuning.

We will post more detail but the short summary is as follows:
The skipper controls trim through fore/aft weight placement.
Foil AoA is controlled by a single line system and rudder foil angle is set ‘on the beach’.
The interaction of these three variables is fertile ground for getting the best performance out of the boat.

In addition there are the usual tuning variables such as mast rake, rudder toe-in angle as well as sail trim settings.
Simple enough to explore with a good plan!

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