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Interest in our L foil kits has been overwhelming. We are at full capacity fulfilling orders and have additional tooling in the pipeline to shorten lead times. Will be sure to publish more images and detailed specs as soon as we get a chance.
Market demand speaks clearly and people are ‘voting with their wallets’. Customers who want the best solution within the original A Class box rule far outnumber those willing to invest in complex rule-cheats, chasing a moving target.
Other manufacturers are also gearing up to match demand for ‘literal Rule 8’ foils. A wise investment on their part. Having more products on offer is great. Whether competing or complementary at different price points, the result is more choice for the sailor and a healthier fleet.
Solutions by manufacturers and private builders don’t just include L/V inserted-from-below designs, but also Z/Hydroptere type foils with longer span and less tortured angles. 
Every configuration has strength and weaknesses. Personal preference plays a part and competition will further inform us on how the performance envelopes overlap. What they have in common is the pursuit of efficiency unshackled from arbitrary chains.
For now this means we are heading to the absurd situation of a majority of boats being considered illegal in official events in some countries but not others. Naturally the result would be reduced participation. Fortunately initiatives such as that spearheaded by the USA and Canada are smoothing the road for a sensible adjustment.
Leading sailors have expressed their support. Those who have experimented and want others to share the experience are in favour of allowing the design freedom to make foiling easier and safer.
Every A Class sailor must now be sure to make their vote count. Let our elected committee members fairly represent the reality on the beach, level the playing field, and allow progress to flow.

Pic courtesy Sentient Blue Team showing a 2007 A Class platform retrofitted with Carbonix 2014 foils and rudders.

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