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I have hinted in previous posts that the new home of CarbonicBoats / Carbonix is in a rather special place.
Now the bulk of the preparation work is behind us, the Sydney International Boatshow is as good an occasion as any to reveal a bit more about our choice of this little known but fascinating location.

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Cockatoo Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the heart of Sydney. It is steeped in shipbuilding history. It was a place of great industrial production and innovation where many a destroyer with the proud ‘HMAS‘ prefix was constructed and commissioned.

It was a key piece of infrastructure in supporting the Pacific Fleet during WW2.
Great technological innovation also took place there with notable presences such as de Havilland aircraft in the 1930s and naval submarines in more recent times.

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After a period in limbo following the relocation of heavy industry, the island is being revitalised under the auspices of the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust. The many unique spaces it offers now play host to art exhibitions, concerts and film crews. A Marine Centre is also being readied with dry stack boat storage, food and entertainment.

Angelina Jolie directing Unbroken on Cockatoo Island. Image source

Such a place was a natural fit for our company.
Direct access to the water for testing, the convenience of being right next to Sydney city, security and relative privacy, are all great practical benefits.
But the significance of continuing an awesome tradition is deeply inspiring.
My greatest wish as a director of Carbonicboats is to foster a corporate culture where innovation and quality are valued highly. Being surrounded by the legacy of past creativity and being in the presence of similarly innovative companies will certainly help.

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