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Some images from a study commissioned by a Sydney owner for a harbour racer/day boat.
The concept is for a very clean, simple boat, easily handled by a small crew.
Cockpit size is prioritised over internal volume and accommodation.
A deep fixed keel can be retracted to reduce draught.
The hull form is of moderate beam to provide adequate form stability and cockpit space whilst maintaining balance when heeled.
Soft chines characterise the run aft but they are carefully placed in order to have minimum impact when sailing upwind.
Twin rudders are housed in ‘drums’ so that they can be partially or fully retracted as well as easily removed, serviced and repaired.
Consistent with the elegant, uncluttered character of the boat is the choice of rig configuration:
A cantilevered tube exits the deck and transitions to a wing profile.
Given the state of the art in composite spars, a semi-free-standing wing is an attractive solution with a favourable tradeoff between aerodynamic drag and weight.
Relatively small non-overlapping headsails are hoisted on integral fibre stays.
Provision is made for simple aft runners to optimise forestay tension and provide additional support when hard running.
The elimination of a permanent forestay greatly simplifies downwind sail handling.

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