Dario Valenza



Dario is the mastermind behind Carbonix’s vision, design, and composite manufacturing excellence. Keenly interested in aeroelastic structures and vehicle design, his creativity found an outlet early on in competitive radio-controlled yacht development.

Coming of age at a time when the promise of advanced composites was beginning to look obtainable, Dario was part of the first wave of developers.
He has a background managing technology projects in a competitive environment. This experience includes America’s Cup teams where technology is used to gain a competitive edge in highly time-critical and performance-sensitive applications. Dario has demonstrated the capability to manage teams and complex manufacturing projects.

His passion for design has led him to experiences in other related fields as diverse as feature film production and architecture.

Dario enjoys communicating the interesting aspects of design. This has found expression in television commentary, regular magazine writing, and blogging during periods of intense development.