Aimran Akhtar

Head of Product


Aimran has an engineering background. He graduated from the University of New South Wales with a degree in Mechanical Engineering with specific focus on Computational Fluid Dynamics. During his undergraduate degree he was heavily involved with the aerospace and aviation industry via various student projects and engagements.Aimran started his career with Carbonix as a graduate engineer working on the characterisation of powertrain and propulsion systems across the fleet of power-lift UAVs.

He then gained experience structuring test plans and overseeing the testing and commissioning of new prototypes. This furthered Aimran’s hands-on experience and understanding of the various subsystems.He has since been heavily involved in planning and overseeing the execution of our product development plans, using prior experience and handling of the product to drive process optimisation ideas.

From outlining¬† the Concept of Operations (ConOps) to the design and development of the avionics architecture and its interfaces, Aimran works with the various streams within the business to ensure that the end-product is one that reflects both Carbonix’s competitive position as well as our longer-term ambitions.¬†As a key member of the Carbonix team, Aimran brings technical know-how, hands-on aeronautical and product development experience, and a deep understanding of the overall system architecture to the core development stream.