Tim Openshaw

Composite Technician Apprentice


Tim joined carbonix part-time during my HSC exams and started a full-time apprenticeship afterwards.

In high school, one of his favourite subjects was industrial tech which he enjoyed because of the many hands-on aspects that allowed him to learn the handy side of design work. He did three years of industrial tech and completed a major in work.

One of Tim’s main hobbies is cars; he enjoys going to the race track, but he also enjoys spending a fair amount of time upgrading and maintaining his car.

Tim enjoys designing and making things. He is fascinated by little details of the process that comes together to make something great, the puzzles that need solving, the eureka that occurs, and the challenge of the whole ordeal.

Tim hopes to continue his time at Carbonix and maybe branch out into new company areas to learn new skills once his apprenticeship ends.