Satya Vivek Pendyala

Junior Electrical Engineer


After earning my master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Wollongong, I joined the Carbonix team to explore my passion for Electrical and electronics design related to UAV. I enjoy using my skills to contribute to exciting technological advances that happen every day at Carbonix. In addition to my primary job functions I was recognised as a builder of new circuit designs for my commitment to my thesis related to control theory in electrical engineering.

Apart from electrical and electronics engineering, my passion for mathematics and coding has always been there. I was awarded a gold medal for mathematics Olympiad in 2012 from Southern Cross University and achieved Ramanujan Talent Test certificate in 2010.

My hobbies include cooking, music and watching movies which I love when I am doing it. Cricket and badminton come under my favourite sports which often spare a couple of hours every weekend.