Pradeep CK

Senior Software Engineer


Pradeep has around 16 years of experience in the aerospace, transportation, airlines, and drone industries, working in various capacities in development, testing, and managing software projects. He is proud to hold a patent for an airline route optimisation technique.

As a Senior Software Engineer at Carbonix, his primary responsibility includes the implementation, integration, and testing of flight controllers, peripheral systems, communication systems, and mission planner.

When not at work, he enjoys spending time bushwalking, whale watching, and photographing flora around the Australian coast. He believes that these activities are a great way to recharge and stay energised.

He has always enjoyed working with the vibrant team at Carbonix. The company culture fosters creativity and innovation, which allows him to excel in his role as a software engineer. Overall, he is a dedicated and accomplished professional who is committed to delivering high-quality results.