Kurtis Warner

Head of Production


Kurtis Warner is Head of Production at Carbonix, managing the composites workshop and avionics integration. He leads the team that ensures test aircraft are ready for each flight, while also delivering customer systems against pre-planned build slots.

Kurt has over 13 years experience in high performance sailing. He started his career as a boat builder specialising in advanced composites before moving into sailmaking, progressing through the ranks thanks to his competitive drive and aptitude for process efficiency.

After being lead designer and floor manager at Ian Short Sails for eight years, Kurt moved to working on 50m and 63m superyachts covering maintenance, repairs and modifications.

Having sailed competitively in various classes, including offshore races like the Sydney to Hobart, Kurt is accustomed to critically evaluating performance with a relentless focus on improvement.

He comes to Carbonix straight from the last America’s Cup where he managed shore operations for the aero programme of Challenger finalist Ineos Team UK.

When not on the water sailing or surfing Kurt enjoys a game of golf.

Kurt joined Carbonix because it applies the skills and technologies he has learned and developed in competitive sailing to a new and rapidly growing industry: “Commercial drones place the same emphasis on light weight, aerodynamic efficiency, and tight packaging, calling for a disciplined and methodical approach to development and production. Commercial requirements add another layer, rewarding lean processes and an efficient workflow from raw material to finished product.”