Jonathan Loong

Mechatronics Engineer


Jonathan is a keen UAV and UGV enthusiast with a background in mechatronics prototyping and hardware design. From leading robotics workshops for highschool students to developing his own multirotor, he is always willing to share his passion for robotics.

He began his R&D journey in the biomedical industry, then transitioned to the UAV sector, bringing rapid manufacture skills, a creative multi-disciplinary approach and microcontroller-based experience to Carbonix. 

At Carbonix, Jonathan is responsible for designing and developing mechatronic test apparatus for the diverse UAV systems found in our products. This includes mechanical actuator testing through to custom onboard telemetry PCB design, allowing him to broaden both his electrical and programming skill-sets.

He is always looking to push the boundaries in relation to hybrid mechanical, software and electrical projects.

Jonathan takes pride in all his mechatronics projects and looks to continue to support Carbonix’s efforts.

In his free time, he can be found playing Ultimate frisbee or building anything LEGO related. He likes to cook and tinker with a myriad hobby projects, fortunately not all at the same time.