Finley Lewis

Finance and HR Manager


Finley is our Chief Remote Pilot. He started work with Carbonix at the conclusion of high school in 2016 where his final project building a medical delivery drone gained some media attention and kick-started his career in the UAV industry.

Since then Finley has been our primary Pilot and power-lift type specialist. In 2019 Finley earned a promotion to Chief Remote Pilot. While he continues to fulfill the pilot role he now manages logistics, safety, and compliance for our flight operations.

Finley works as part of a flight operations team that conducts the R&D flight testing for all Carbonix aircraft, as well as demonstration, proof-of-concept, and training flights for customers.

When Finley Isn’t out on field or in the office, you can find him at (over) Bankstown Airport where he competes in manned Aerobatic flying in the Robin 2160i and the Pitts special.

Finley is a career-driven individual who continues to show great interest in the future potential of the UAV industry and his role within it. His passion shines through his work and dedication.

In addition to all this, Finley is studying Mechatronics and manufacturing engineering at the University of Technology Sydney.