Eddmond Siew

Aeronautical Engineer

Eddmond graduated in Aeronautical Engineering from University of Sydney with a strong interest in UAV design and flight testing. He gained hands-on experience in aircraft design and maintenance working at an Airbus subsidary MRO company and a GA aircraft maintenance facility.  

Eddmond was a tutor at University of Sydney in aerospace design and aircraft performance. He is keen to share his knowledge and eager to learn more by doing so. He welcomes challenges and seeks every opportunity to learn and grow. 

At Carbonix, Eddmond focuses on flight testing and control algorithm tuning to produce a safe, reliable and optimised aircraft. He also works on aircraft performance study to assist the development and integration of components into a complete system. 

Outside of work, Eddmond enjoys cooking and reading. He has a little dream of having his own cafe by the beach someday.