Craig Searle

Workshop Foreman, Manufacturing Facility Manager


Craig joined Carbonix in 2018 as a Composite Technician, with his extensive knowledge and experience in advanced composites manufacturing, he contributed significantly to the development of our processes. In 2019 he became our Workshop Foreman / Manufacturing Facility Manager. 

Craig moved from the UK to Australia in 2014, bringing with him over 15 years’ experience working with composites in Aerospace, Motorsport, and Marine applications. His diverse experience includes working at TERMA, Denmark in the composites engineering team, preparing documentation and improving many production processes for Lockheed Martin’s F-35 projects.

At McLaren Automotive, Craig worked on the Mercedes McLaren SLR project. Ramping up to full production after the initial Research and development phases. These are just some highlights of his successful career so far. 

Craig brings to Carbonix a wide range of technical expertise striving to improve production processes with a logical questioning approach in both detail and assembly level manufacturing, he has an ability to always deliver to very high standards. 

Through Craig’s experience and knowledge of advance composites, he has already been able to improve several production processes here at Carbonix, becoming a very valued member of our team. He is always striving for continuous improvement. 

Craig has a clear passion for his work but in his spare time he loves the outdoors and is a keen photographer, and mountain bike/snowboard enthusiast.