Al Smith

Electronics Design Engineer

Al commenced his career over 20 years ago in the defence industry. After five years in defence he moved to designing embedded controllers for automotive and industrial applications.

He has also gained experience working as a systems engineer on SCADA projects. Prior to joining Carbonix he worked for years as a design engineer developing solutions for gaming and pari-mutuel applications. Al’s design role was extensive and inclusive of digital high-speed image processing and platform development.

In addition to design, his responsibilities also included product development and integration. Al’s specialisation targeted embedded CPUs, FPGAs, and Computer On Module solutions.

During his tenure designing gaming solutions Al’s design team also won an Australian Design Award.

In his spare time Al an enthusiastic mountain bike rider and social golfer. He describes himself as fastidious, harnessing ‘OCD tendencies which can be overbearing but occasionally beneficial’. A perfect fit in our quality-obsessed team!