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We are here to help you throughout the process of UAV/UAS/drone operation and to assist with any questions you may have.
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Carbonix Drone Operators

  • ApprovalsAll drone pilots in Australia must be approved by CASA (the Civil Aviation Safety Authority). Carbonix team of pilots all have the CASA RePL (Remote Pilots Licence) and are experienced and certified in the operation of platforms weighing 25kg and above.
  • InsuranceIn the unlikely event of an accident you can have peace of mind as our team of pilots are all insured for damages which may occur as a result of an accident.
  • Operator Experience & CompetencyAll of Carbonix pilots have had their competency approved CASA (the Civil Aviation Safety Authority) and are competent in handling platforms of both 25kg and up to 150kg. Carbonix remote pilots all have experience handling a range of drone sizes and types.
  • Fleet ManagementThe Carbonix team experience and technical expertise will maximise the efficiency of your fleet. Our team will analyse the required missions and abilities of the fleet to create a plan to coordinate the fleet in a time and cost effective manor, both in and out of the air.


Carbonix can show you the ropes

All drone pilots in Australia must be approved by CASA (the Civil Aviation Safety Authority), before engaging clients for UAV/UAS/drone operations.

The three main types of approvals are:

  • ReOC (Remote Operators Certificate),
  • RePL (Remote Pilots Licence), AND
  • Weight class certification (2kg, 7kg, 25kg and 150kg).

Carbonix has five Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) certified personnel who are experienced in handling and operating platforms up to 25kg.

Depending on the nature of the job, the job location and various other factors, drone pilots may need to request approval from the airspace regulator CASA before commencing aerial photography work. Carbonix’s flight team and regulatory partners can help with this prior to the commencement of UAV/UAS/drone operations.

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