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We can help with your custom product, whether it is a one-off, a proof-of-concept, a production prototype or a full scale production setup.
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Our skill and facilities at your service

We can help with your custom product, whether it is a one-off, a proof-of-concept, a production prototype or a full scale production setup.

What we do is take an idea or a problem, develop elegant, efficient, beautiful solutions, and implement them. We have the knowledge, systems, network, facilities, and experience to test, validate, iterate and refine.


About Our Designs 

We listen to your requirements, create a detailed brief and clarify a hierarchy of requirements. Our goal is to provide value through good design. So our solutions always respond to your needs.

When proposing solutions we evaluate and assess all aspects, from geometry and technical specs to ease of assembly and component cost. We will walk you through the relative merits of different solutions with respect to cost, practicality, and lead times, as well as technical, aesthetic, and user interface considerations.

Carbonix can take your concept to the best intersection of form, function, cost and practicality.

We have a great range of skills in-house and also partner with a proven network of specialists for advanced tasks such as digital fairing and Computational Fluid Dynamics.


We create the most appropriate tooling for your task. One-off projects may require highly customized plugs, moulds and jigs. Production runs will need more durable fixtures. We help you strike the balance between setup cost and unit cost.

Most tooling we create is based on full 3D CAD models that are then sent to a robotic cutter. This system ensures accuracy because all components are pre-fitted and checked in virtual space.

Machined forms can be complex with arbitrary curves and no need for conventional planar reference grids. We can create curved parting planes and multi-split tools with ease and reliability.


We can work with aluminium, steel, titanium and engineering plastics to create your ideal fittings. Our machining work has ranged from complex mating components to custom fasteners to scale models and even trophies.

We are able to anodise and select from a range of appropriate finishes for your specific needs.

For high volume components we can create metal moulds for injection mouldings or lost castings for intricate metal items.


Making a proof-of concept with a view to future production is a highly critical task that requires a particular mindset. Since we have an extensive history of developing production items in-house, we know what to look for.

We make the first product always keeping an eye out for how each step will translate into a production process. We keep track of the assembly steps that are increasing labour content and work to address and streamline them. We have careful systems for recording changes and incorporating feedback.

If you entrust us with getting your product ready for production, we will deliver.


With initial R&D and testing properly structured, the transition to production runs is the ‘home straight’.

We are able to provide competitive terms for high-value-added fabrication and short to medium runs in Australia.

All our production items have strict QA and tolerancing protocols. Quality is central to everything we do and always comes first.

Get in touch with our sales team to find out how Carbonix can give your company that aerial advantage.