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Carbonix offers a turnkey end-to-end solution package
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Customise Your Service

Carbonix offers a turnkey end-to-end solution package that builds on our industry expertise to include a suitable platform and payload selection for the given mission parameters. We also have experienced operators to execute the mission.


Data processing and post-flight analysis are part of the solution package thanks to collaborations between Carbonix and our partners. We have identified and worked with several proven providers of reliable and robust image/video processing and object-tracking tools. This allows improved overall management of the data and subsequent statistical analysis, which increases the accuracy of the end result.


The proposed approach can be broken down into these key elements:

  • Problem identification
  • Planning
  • Operation
  • Analysis¬†
  • Results

Customise your service with Carbonix

Carbonix can show you the ropes

Carbonix can execute engineering services related to custom system or sub-system design requirements. This includes developing specifications, initial component design, prototyping and commissioning. These services can be conducted independently or in collaboration with your existing team.

Areas in which services can be offered include, but is not limited to:

  • Hardware design and modification.
  • Platform design and/or modification for custom mission and use cases.
  • Custom sensor or payload design and integration.

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