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From Water to Air

The story of Carbonix began with our founder Dario Valenza’s vision and passion for elegant design in combining fluid dynamics and advanced composite materials. With an award-winning legacy in the marine industry, Carbonix has gone on to become industry leaders of aerospace solutions.

Carbonix expands

April, 2018

Carbonix moves into its new production workshop in Artarmon.

Carbonix receives its ReOC for power lift

February, 2018

Carbonix applies for and receives its RPAS operators certificate for operations using the Volanti. Carbonix pilots are also some of the first in Australia to receive their power lift licence for a sub-25kg power lift drone using the Volanti.

Carbonix finishes the build on its next generation airframe

December, 2017

During 2017, Carbonix was working on a new power lift drone that can carry up to 5kg. The first Domani prototype airframe was built and finished in December 2017.

Carbonix starts selling the Volanti with Carbonix avionics

June, 2017

Carbonix flies the Volanti publicly and starts selling the Volanti with first-generation in-house developed avionics.

Carbonix launches Volanti at Avalon

March, 2017

Carbonix attends Avalon Airshow as part of NSW Department of Industry’s network, and launches the Volanti to the market.

Carbonix test flys the Volanti V2

February, 2017

Carbonix’s Volanti is test flown for the first time with Gen 1 Carbonix avionics developed entirely in-house
After months of in-house avionic integration, Carbonix starts test flying the Volanti with great results.

Carbonix finalises the designs for Volanti V2

December, 2016

To ensure maximum efficiency and aerodynamics, Carbonix upgrades the VTOL airframe design for its flagship power-lift drone, the Volanti.

Carbonix becomes member of CASA RPAS sub-committee

October, 2016

Carbonix became a member of the CASA UAS Standards sub-committee, a joint CASA and aviation community forum for the development of regulations and standards relating to UAS, including UAS operations, remote pilot licensing and unmanned aircraft certification, manufacture and maintenance.

Carbonix sells its first VTOL UAV

February , 2016

Carbonix started importing the first VTOL version of its Cometa airframe to South Africa.

Carbonix endorsed by Prime Minister

October, 2015

Carbonix has an official opening of its Cockatoo Island workshop, and receives endorsement from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Carbonix builds its first VTOL UAV

September, 2015

Carbonix designed and built the first VTOL pods to turn the Cometa into a fixed-wing multi-rotor UAV. Carbonix started offering VTOL pod additions to its airframe sales.

Carbonix marine systems make the Olympics

April, 2015

Carbonix developed and supplied advanced control systems for Moth customers, including Olympic Gold Medal winners of the Australian Sailing Team.

Carbonix sells its first UAV

September, 2014

Carbonix sold and shipped its first UAV, the Cometa.


Carbonix starts designing and building UAVs

March, 2014

A-Class catamarans of the New Zealand America’s Cup Team were fitted with Carbonix appendages and took four of the top five places in the World Championships, as well as winning the junior category.

Carbonix manufacturing and design methods take the world stage.

February 2014

A-Class catamarans of the New Zealand America’s Cup Team were fitted with Carbonix appendages and took four of the top five places in the World Championships, as well as winning the junior category.

Produced the world’s first fully foiling A Class catamaran

January, 2013

By 2013 Carbonicboats was producing the world’s first fully foiling A Class catamaran and the business was featured in Australian Sailing Magazine

Started development of all-new A-Class catamaran platform

June, 2012

Dario and his team of composite technicians started in-house design and product development operations. Carbonicboats started the development of an all-new A Class catamaran platform and foil system.

Carbonicboats Pty Ltd was founded

December 2011

Following a successful career in professional race boat campaigns, including Amercia’s Cup challenges, Dario Valenza founded Carbonix (then CarbonicBoats) to develop and produce competitive radio controlled yachts and A-Class Catamarans.

Having learned the value of cross-pollination through stints in roles as diverse as feature film production, architecture, and television, the plan was to apply technology forged in the performance-critical environment of top-level competition to consumer and business applications. 

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