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Common questions on the Domani

Learn more about the performance of the Domani with our comprehensive FAQs. If you need to know more, or when you're ready to start talking specifics, contact our technical sales consultants.

The Domani Electric is available from early 2019. The Domani Petrol is likely to be release late 2019.

Yes. Any purchase of the Domani comes with a fully operational airframe, ground control station, basic sensor and operations manual.

The Domani can carry up to 5kg in usable payload and Carbonix can fit any sensor that sits your requirement and matches the Domanis performance criteria.

As every customer and every mission requirement is different, we recommend speaking to our consulting team at no cost to determine which sensors would be best for you.

The Domani was developed for commercial UAV applications. Its purpose is to enable easy take off in rough or unprepared terrain, achieve longer endurance than other multi rotors and carrier heavier payloads than ever before.

If you have sophisticated sensor requirements, its likely the Domani is suited to you.

We recommend you speak to our consulting team at no cost to better understand how the Domani can help your business.

Creating bespoke UAV systems for clients is what we do. There are a range of off-the-shelf customisations you can choose from easily, but Carbonix can also design and develop new components exclusive to your business.

Yes. Leasing arrangements are available for certain customers.

We provide personalised quotes to every customer. Please contact our sales team for a quote.

Carbonix offers maintenance and repair services, either at our premises or onsite. We also offer after sales support for troubleshooting and mission planning support.

The Domani system is intuitive and easy to use. It has been designed for anyone to easily fly. For customers performing complex missions, you may wish to complete a short 1-2 day type-training program with one of our pilots.

For inexperienced pilots who are just starting their UAV piloting journey, we recommend type training with our pilots. We offer a range of programs to suit varying experiences.

Our team is comprised of fully qualified Aerospace and Electronics Engineers, as well as a highly experienced carbon composite manufacturing team.

Our flight testing team are qualified RPAS pilots with more than 20 years’ experience flying respectively.

We manufacture our drone airframes in our composite workshop here in Sydney, Australia.

Off-the-shelf avionics are purchased from a range of credible national and international suppliers.

All testing of our components and airframes is conducted in Australia, and all flight testing has been conducted in Australia.

Although Carbonix is not an operator, we hold a ReOC for power lift operations.

The Domani was designed exclusively for Carbonix. Carbonix holds the IP for the VTOL design of the Domani, as well as the tooling design for composite manufacture. Carbonixs long-term design partner D3 Applied Technologies owns the IP for the airframe shape and design, and Carbonix holds an exclusive and perpetual licence to manufacture the airframe.

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