The Domani is Carbonix’ most capable fuel based fixed-wing RPAS

The Domani is Carbonix’ most capable fixed-wing UAV. This 4.5m VTOL Power Lift drone is capable of executing rapid aerial surveys over very large areas and difficult terrain with uncompromising results. The Domani’s unparalleled ability to autonomously carry payloads of up to 5kg for up to 10 hours puts this aircraft in a class of its own. With this higher than average payload for its class, the Domani can carry a range of sensors depending on your requirements including high-end airborne LiDARs and 150mp+ photogrammetry sensors for highly accurate imagery.

The Domani Fuel harnesses all the benefits of the smaller Volanti but with added range and ability. The combination of carefully engineered hardware and Carbonix autopilot software ensures higher confidence in this solution as a viable option for your business’s aerial needs.

Payload Limit

Flight Time

Wing Span

Area Coverage

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What’s Included?

Here at Carbonix we understand that your new RPAS is an investment. We want this investment to last for as long as you do. Which is why we have developed our bespoke and robust transport case with hard foam inserts to give you piece of mind that your new Carbonix RPAS will be safe in transport and storage for years to come. Our Carbonix Ground Control System is no different, the Pelican Air Case enclosing our GCS has also been selected to last the test of time to ensure your investment is as safe as can be.

Carbonix Transport Box

All our drones come inclusive with a custom built reinforced transport case with custom foam inserts to ensure your RPAS is well protected during storage and transport. This case has been built with transport in mind and fits on the base of all modern vans – L 1780, W 1040, H 570mm

Ground Control Station

The Carbonix Ground Control Station allows you to intuitively pilot a Carbonix UAV. Integrated rugged joysticks enable smooth flight control in all four drone-specific axes, maximising time in the air for integrated payloads and aerial surveillance. This command and control package was designed with ergonomics, accessibility and portability in mind to supplement any Carbonix product.

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