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The nature of our UAV work is such that we don’t regularly get to share it with the public.Confidentiality is often an important...

Checking In

Click here to read a Q&A Session with Martin Vanzulli who is doing a great job of keeping the A Class website up...


You can now listen on demand to the show we guest-hosted on Sunday night:

Higher Learning

Earlier today two teams from the University of NSW presented results of an inquiry into theoretical hydrofoil stability and performance. The teams undertook...

Working the Angles

Our Paradox Version 3 A Class cat platform design is complete and tooling is underway. The foil housing arrangement in the new boat...


Here is the first production item emerging from our development work in collaboration with Moth guru Scott Babbage.Billet machined bellcrank now available from


Here is an extended mix showing some early runs with experimental control system foil configurations.Though there is still vast untapped potential, these sequences...

Bel Paese

Some great images of Andrea Ferrari racing his Paradox V2 in Italy


Another symbolic milestone: the last batch of Katana Marblehead hulls from the existing tooling is here.The old moulds have been ‘retired’ and work will...
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