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  • UAV Sensor Technician

    Carbonix is seeking a highly qualified candidate with a broad range of skills and experience in this rapidly emerging sensor space.

    Our UAV airframes are designed and built in-house, and we offer a range of existing off-the-shelf sensor payloads to our customers. We do not design or build any sensor systems in-house.

    To ensure we continue to offer our customers the best sensor options available in the market, we are seeking a sensor technician to:

    – Continually research and evaluate the sensor options available on the market for a variety of industries
    – Provide critical analysis and support on how customers wish to use the UAV’s sensors for their specific missions
    – Support the electrical integration of sensors and optimise the sensors on our platforms.

    Candidates will require commercial sensor experience to enable them to lead our evolution in the required sensor research, development & practical integration into our world class UAV systems.

    Data capture via sensors on-board UAVs is the primary requirement of our customers. Sensors are rapidly becoming smaller and more affordable, as well as more technical and sophisticated.

    Desired sensor experience may include some of the following areas:

    – Image or Geospatial sensors – such as Photogrammetry/Multispectral/Hyper-spectral
    – Electro optical
    – Infrared/NIR
    – Thermal image capture
    – FPV
    – HD Video – including live video feed via Multi-Axis accelerometers/RGB Gimballed cameras

    Any experience in proximity locational sensors, speed and distance sensors or chemical sensors would be highly considered, but not essential.

    The role may also be required to support work in areas such as command & control DATA-Link & multi-band knowledge including satellite communications.

    The ideal candidate would have some experience working with unmanned systems, and will ideally bring detailed knowledge and experience in data processing, both on board and post flight.

    Experience in fixed wing UAV operations, rather than multi rotor drone operations at slower speeds would also be highly regarded.

    Carbonix understands this is a new and emerging sector, and a candidate with the ideal experience may not yet exist. We are keen to hear from any sensor expert who thinks they may be able to grow into this role.

    This role is a full-time role, based in Sydney CBD. Role to start immediately.

    Please email Cortney at with your CV and cover letter.

  • Senior Composites Technician / Laminator / Fabricator and Workshop Manager

    Currently in the pipeline are a number of drone projects, in-house and customer-led. We are therefore planning to increase our capacity in the fabrication team. We are seeking a senior Laminator / Fabricator to join our growing team who is capable of executing the following tasks:

    Mould preparation.

    – Prepreg laminating (templating, cutting kits, placing in tools, and vacuum bagging).

    – Cure cycle management.

    – Trimming/prepping/bonding components into assemblies, and final fitting/installation.

    – Carrying out secondary laminating and repairs on existing composite structures.

    – Documenting laminate operations and tracking quality assurance data.

    We are also seeking someone who can step into the workshop management role. Supervising a small team of technicians, and managing the workshop growth. Experience in management isn’t essential, however the successful candidate will have a good understanding of managing workshop responsibilities and projects, and good people-management skills.

    The right person

    You will be an enthusiastic and responsible team member with qualified knowledge and meticulous attention to detail. It is important that you are comfortable with and enjoy fine, weight-critical work and aim for the highest quality at all times. Some directly relevant experience in aerospace and marine advanced composites hands-on construction is strongly preferred. You will receive a competitive wage alongside the opportunity to work on rewarding and challenging projects with autonomy and the possibility of advancement as the business grows. If this sounds like the role for you, email with your resume and a cover letter displaying how you would make a great fit for our dynamic team.