• Critical Mass

    Interest in our L foil kits has been overwhelming. We are at full capacity fulfilling orders and have additional tooling in the pipeline to shorten lead times. Will be sure to publish more images and detailed specs as soon as we get a chance.

    Market demand speaks clearly and people are ‘voting with their wallets’. Customers who want the best solution within the original A Class box rule far outnumber those willing to invest in complex rule-cheats,

  • Insight

    Some thoughts following some recent testing with a focus on handling.
    Specifically, we worked to gain data on how different foil configurations affect dynamic behaviour during turns in strong wind.

    The results confirmed observations we hear regularly from experienced Moth sailors, as well as those who race foiling multihulls such as the NACRA F20 Carbon FCS:
    Being foilborne on the upwind leg makes the bearaway a lot safer.

  • Imagineering Part 2

    In Part 1 we looked at straight line sailing.
    We concluded that foils will always be a hindrance at very low speeds, but will give an advantage at higher speeds. More aggressive setups (read more foil area) are even worse at low speed but, since they allow earlier takeoff, become superior ‘sooner’ (at a lower windspeed than more moderate foils).
    The exact crossover is still being explored. It may depend on crew weight,

  • Imagineering Part 1

    In response to questions about where catamaran foil design may go in the future, especially if rule constraints are relaxed, here are some thoughts on the incentives driving design choices.

    If our goal is fastest time around a windward/leeward course, then the considerations are:
    VMG upwind.
    – VMG downwind.
    – Control at low speed, specifically to bear away and accelerate off the start line.
    – Speed profile through tacks.

  • Golden Rule

    One final reflection about recent events in the A Class, before resuming normal programming.
    Future posts will focus on hopefully interesting technical commentary, and updates on our projects…


    The last couple of years gave us extraordinary advances in the capabilities of inshore racing sailboats.
    Arguably the root cause is development in the America’s Cup, where big foiling multihull ‘daysailers’ benefited from the focused study,

  • Integration

    Intense times as we are gearing up to take on more challenges.

    We have completed another recruiting phase. Our extraordinary team has grown even stronger.
    If you have missed out on the latest openings, get in touch anyway and we will keep your details on file for future opportunities.

    The next step is integrating our various operations under one brand.


    A new website is under construction to reflect recent growth and changes.

  • Growing

    We now have an opening for a composite fabricator/shipwright.

    Our workload is growing so we would like to take on another team member.
    Projects include UAV airframes, customer parts, RC yachts, and our A Class catamaran.
    A good mix of one-off prototypes for R&D, and production items.

    If you possess skills in carbon fiber pre-peg construction, with an aerospace or marine background, and would like to join a growing team working on interesting products,