Intellectual Property

Carbonix has a team of internal engineers, aeronautical designers, and composites experts who work together to develop innovative solutions for our products, and customised solutions for our customers.

In addition to our in-house capabilities, Carbonix also works with world-leading specialists to develop cutting-edge, high-performance structures in advanced composites.

Our off-the-shelf products are designed with a view to being easily customised. In most cases, “customisation” simply means selecting a particular combination of the various options we offer as a “kit-of-parts” – akin to selecting different combinations of motor, interior, and trim options when ordering a new car.

The flexibility inherent in advanced composites means we can easily customise a laminate to incorporate different levels of reinforcement and optional features. An example of this customisation could include adding different geometries of RF-transparent glass ‘windows’ in a carbon fuselage layup of our standard airframe.

Carbonix holds the exclusive IP for all of our customisations, and we also hold licences to use designs created by our specialist partners.


The Cometa CTOL airframe was designed by D3 Applied Technologies. Carbonix was contracted by D3 Applied Technologies in 2013 to optimise the design for advanced composite manufacture, develop the structure and detailing, design and build tooling, and build airframes for D3 Applied Technologies.

Carbonix has the only license from D3 Applied Technologies to use the airframe design, and Carbonix manufactures and sells this airframe to customers.

You can follow our Cometa CTOL development story here.


The Volanti is our fixed-wing VTOL UAS. The underlying fixed-wing airframe design is based on the Cometa shape. In 2014, Carbonix started working with D3 Applied Technologies to add VTOL pods to the Cometa airframe. This involved many subtle changes to the structure and detailing in order to maintain the outstanding fixed-wing performance of Cometa.

In 2015 we started offering VTOL capability to our airframe customers. The VTOL system is designed as a “kit-of-parts” customisation option. The base fixed-wing airframe design IP is owned by D3 Applied Technologies and licenced to Carbonix, and the IP for the VTOL additions are co-authored by Carbonix and D3 Applied Technologies.

Volanti can be ordered with various combinations of motor pods, nosecone shapes, and we can customise laminates as required for your specific mission.

Today Carbonix sells the Volanti as a fully operational UAS. Follow our VTOL development story here.


Carbonix has started the development of next generation airframes, targeted at different mass and range mission requirements, designed and manufactured in-house. We will offer these airframes and fully operational systems to customers in 2018. Customers will be able to customise these airframes for their requirements, however Carbonix will retain all the IP and licences.


Being experts in working with advanced composite materials, Carbonix is able to customise existing designs to suit customer requirements. Customers can pick from our wide-range of off-the-shelf modifications such as VTOL pods, fuel systems, nose cones, tail booms, landing gear, and much more. We can also conduct in-house engineering to adapt our off-the-shelf products to suit our customers’ needs. It’s the benefit of working with a company that designs and manufactures in one place.

Customers can select the configuration they want, and we’ll build it for them. We understand some customers may want exclusive rights on certain configurations, as our airframes offer a great platform to showcase different avionics and sensors for a variety of industries. Carbonix can only offer exclusivity for certain configurations, based on confirmed minimum order numbers and a detailed written agreement.

Importantly, all the intellectual property for design work conducted by Carbonix remains with Carbonix (if the underlying Cometa airframe shape is used, then that IP stays with D3 Applied Technologies), regardless of exclusivity arrangements.

Please get in touch with us to discuss details. We are happy to consider any arrangement you may have in mind, as long as it makes sense commercially for both sides, and recognises the hard work of our outstanding design team.